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A State is, of course, not required to fix structurally unsound ships or to staff fishing vessels with reliable fishing crews who understand conservation practices—but it is required to exercise control over those who might own unsound ships or practice unsound fishing practices.One easy way to exercise effective control over “problem ships” is simply to refuse to grant such vessels nationality or to allow registration of these ships.

Age can lead to problems such as corrosion which led to accidents such as the 25 year old Maltese flagged MV ERIKA sinking off the coast of France spilling 20,000 tons of oil along hundreds of miles of coastline No vessel with a history of IUU fishing activity or suspected to have structural faults due to age or poor maintenance should be able to be registered to ply the seas without triggering some review by a State’s registration agency of its own obligations to effectively exercise jurisdiction and control.

Written with passion and first-hand experience of the subject, International Law and the Arctic reminds us that we cannot ignore the importance of the Arctic to Canada and all its people.' ‘By situating legal instruments and norms within the region's complex politics, diverse cultures, emergent economic sectors, and increasingly dynamic geophysical environment, Michael Byers has written an accessible but thorough guide to the region.' Philip E.